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So you want to make something new out of Mom’s jewelry

Every winter ,after Christmas,customers trickle into our store asking if we can”take Mom’s old rings apart and make something new.” And of course our answer is “YES!” It takes a little time to discover what it is you’d like to have made as far as style and substance is concerned and then we go to work. We need to see if Mom’s old stuff will fit into your new desire or we’ll make suggestions on what’s the best way to make that happen.With drawings and computer assisted renderings you can see in 3-D what your new ring or pendant will look like when complete. And with whatever materials you re-purpose from Mom’s jewelry you’ll save yourself hundreds and in big projects ,thousands of dollars over buying a new completed piece. To get started all you need do is gather up any old jewelry that you’ll never wear as it is and stop in to begin a discussion about what can be made that’ll make you happy and preserve some of the sentiment of an older family piece in a new up to date style that you’ve been wanting to own.Bring your ideas,print-outs and spend a half hour with us this winter and have a new piece by the time we turn up the clocks!

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