Yes ,you can buy from Abby's Website or not

When COVID began earlier this year we took the time from regular everyday activities to upgrade our homegrown website to include a cart and method for you to check out and receive your items in a safe and secure manner.

We know from experience the act of buying a gift of jewelry for someone is most often something you WANT to do in person. You want to shop many products and find the just right piece for the person receiving the gift at the price you want to spend.

And we have put all the CDC guidelines and protocols in place so that the instore experience is a safe one for you.

But with circumstances , like a COVID centric world (please God help us with a good vaccine) and your busy life that may not always be an easy visit to accomplish.

But we want to help you if we can so we've upgraded the website and if the information isn't there to get you the gift and the process you want to complete a purchase we encourage you to email or call us. The website is not always the easiest way to buy a nice, personal gift of jewelry and a conversation with an experienced salesperson who knows the merchandise and perhaps the person receiving the gift will always outshine the clicks of an impersonal website. You are not buying lightbulbs or batteries. Jewelry is a gift of meaning and more care is taken in the choosing. So please use Abby's revamped site as a starting point and end point if you find exactly what you are looking for but if not you can call us and we're here, real human beings, ready to serve you and make your gift giving experience a meaningful one;724.437.0808;

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