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About Abby's 

Danette Ramsey  &  John Carom

John and Diane Carom started Abby's at his mother's kitchen table in 1983 with a $400 investment, first selling gold jewelry to family, friends and co-workers at their offices and homes. 

In 1985 with more an "old world" customer satisfaction philosophy, John opened the doors of Abby's Gold and Gems with humble beginnings. The business grew slowly into a full-service jewelry store, progressive in its efforts and maintaining an emphasis on high quality and customer satisfaction.  
Abby's has become a destination for over 15,000 customers since its move to 197 Morgantown Street in Uniontown in 1989.

Since its inception Abby's has remained a family operation run by husband and wife with daughter and son, sisters, nieces and nephews, helping all along the way.
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