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Custom Design

Do you have something unique in mind, but don't know who to trust with the experience to make your dream a reality?

C. Fetsco ring 2.jpg
C. Fetsco.jpg
186863A-CUSTOM (2).jpg

Abby's is waiting to hear your ideas or have you react to ours in custom designing a unique ring or other piece of jewelry made expressly for you.

Abbys Elma Gil DER1.jpg

Have a look at what we've created for others.

Cindy McElroy ring.jpg
Celtic ring.jpg
Abbys Elma Gil DER2.jpg
houck custom ring2
T. Lancaster RG DER2
Bonnie Renninger--IMG_6090--Sm.Website
Bonnie Miller--IMG_8583-Sm.Website
V. Altman Oval LBT Ring5
Peggy DeHanis ring 2
O. Beatty YG DER1
J. Davis ring 2
J. Davis ring
J. Mazziotta Ashi Dia Pend5
D. Cutwright Oval Dia Ring2
J. Groves RG Dia Ring2
Cindy McElroy ring
J. Frazee two stone ring3
M. Helwig DER3
Sterling Silver Collection
R. Mason Station Neck
A. Seaton Blue Saph Mq Ring1
J. Althabet Ring2
Balling4-150x150 - Copy
Hillard Custom Ring1
S. Micoli Dia Station Brac2
Custom-Design (1)
Testimonial of Joshua D Mitchell

“I thought finding a jeweler to make my idea for my fiancée’s engagement ring would require me to travel far away from home. Not so. A friend recommended Abby’s and Wendy, the design consultant, kept me involved in every detail. The weeks I worked with Abby’s to create the perfect ring for my fiancé will be a great story to tell for years.”
-Joshua D. Mitchell

ArielJoey Custom 4.85x3 .jpg
TravisAndOlivia-- CustomDesign-2020-3x5.
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