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  • Jewelry Repair
  • Watch/Clock Repair
  • ​Check/Clean Diamond Rings and Jewelry
  • Custom Designed Jewelry
  • Engraving
  • Jewelry Purchases and Trade
  • Jewelry Appraisals
  • Consignment Services
  • Estate Jewelry Services
  • Rhodium Plating Services
  • Ring Sizing
  • Gold Buying Services
  • Trade-in & Trade up services
  • Gem Lab Services
  • Pearl Restringing
  • Gem & Diamond Recutting Services
  • Jewelry Replacement Services
  • Sacred Vessel Restoration Services
  • Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry & Watch/Clock Repair
Simple jewelry repairs can be completed on site. Most other jewelry repairs can be

completed in 7-10 working days, although express service is available. Extensive, complex repairs can take three weeks or more to complete. Ask an Abby’s associate for details.
Watch and clock repairs always require more time to complete.
Quotes on both jewelry and watch/clock repairs are available.

Jewelry Repair

Custom Designed Jewelry
Have something unique in mind but can’t find it anywhere?
Would you like to turn an old piece of jewelry into something new and exciting?
We’re happy to assist you through the process of designing a completely new piece.

Jewelry Appraisals
Professional jewelry appraisals are done on site by request for the purpose of

jewelry insurance replacement, inheritance tax and other financial settlement needs. 


Jewelry Purchases and Trade
Abby’s will give you an honest evaluation of all your old gold, coins, and family jewelry.
Why deal with outside companies that only come to town for a few days,
when you can get trustworthy advice and an offer from your hometown jeweler?
Abby’s Gold and Gems is available to buy your old gold six days a week, every week.
Stop by with any items that you think may be valuable.

We buy your gold
sell your diamonds

Free Check/Clean Diamond Rings and Jewelry
Bring in your diamond rings and jewelry for regular expert checks and cleanings.
We’ll make sure all mountings are secure and your jewelry is kept in top condition.

sell your diamonds


Abby’s Gold and Gems will gladly engrave and personalize jewelry pieces. Our services extend to engraving on metal, glass and other surfaces. Ask an Abby’s associate for more details.

personalized jewelry

Heirloom Repairs
Abby’s welcomes the opportunity to repair and restore all of your family heirlooms whether they are jewelry or objects.

re-strings all pearls an beads

Pearl Re-Stringing

Abby’s re-strings all pearls and beads, and will provide new clasps and designs.

re-string beads and pearls

Jewelry Insurance

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