Talking to John is easy!  Just call or stop in with your questions about old heirloom jewelry, coins, appraisals, silver objects, collectibles and anything you are wondering about. And check out John’s blog on this website for lots of helpful and interesting subjects.

Phone: 724-437-0808

Danette Ramsey is Co-Director

of Operations and Abby’s Media

Marketing Director. 

She has completed a GIA diamond course in Carlsbad, California.

Wendy Boyd is the Administrative Director and has over 25 years experience in the jewelry industry.

She has attended numerous national conventions as a participant.

Penny John joined Abby's staff

in May 2018 as a sales and customer service associate. Penny will focus on merchandising and brings a great deal of experience working with the public.

Georgette Ferraro is the Inventory Control Director with almost 20 years

of experience in the jewelry industry.

She has attended national conventions

and is a former jewelry store owner and HR Administrator.

Angel Shanaberger is the Repair

Department Director since 2009. She has attended national conventions as a buyer participant.

Theresa Hartmann is the Merchandising Director and sales associate since 2015.


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