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What are the most often purchased diamond pieces at Christmas?

Consumers,not jewelry stores drive the business at Christmastime and by far the most often purchased items are diamond stud earrings and diamond pendants.

With all the choices available today for significant gift giving,these two items outsell all else in their category year after year.Jewelers of all types from big box stores to your local independent jeweler to the Internet sellers know this and stock these items in abundance every Christmas season.

Mostly these items become so price conscious that little attention is paid to the quality and the value ,that is, what are you getting for your money.

For this reason it is important to shop around for quality vs. price when shopping for any diamond jewelry.And this is why the local independent jeweler is a must stop for pricing these pieces.

Rather than buying in bulk for the least costly diamonds,stores like Abby’s hand select diamonds for a good match at the lowest possible price.This attention to detail gets you the best matched diamonds for the money you spend and this is true if you’re buying your teenage daughter her first pair of quarter carat sized diamonds or your own… “I’ve been married for 20 years to this guy,don’t you think I deserve a one carat pair of diamond studs?”

Yes! We believe you do deserve a pair of big diamond studs.Stop by Abby’s for a look now before the Holidays get into full swing.

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