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Diamond Lab Reports and Certificates

When shopping for a diamond of some significance, let’s say 1ct or bigger, consumers often ask for a diamond that has a laboratory certificate or “cert”.
Indeed some chain stores and independently owned stores present these “certs” as proof positive that the diamond quality is what they say it is. And consumers must always take quality into account when purchasing a significant diamond because quality determines price, along with size, of
So, are all lab “certs” the same and therefore, you, the buyer can relax in the knowledge that you are buying what you think is such and such quality? Not exactly.
Different labs have different standards, sometimes very different standards. And that difference can show up in price differences of thousands of your dollars.
Look it’s one thing to simply find a diamond you like and are satisfied with and happy to buy it and be done. But it’s a completely different thing if you determine that for you, you want a G color, VS2 clarity diamond 1 ct. in size and you want an independent lab to “certify” that it is a G color VS2 clarity.
Well, what would you think if you found out that one G/VS2 diamond was valued at $6,640. and another G/VS2 was valued at $3,985. That’s over a $2600. difference. Yes, mark-up or the profit one jeweler makes over another, can be the difference but in this example the mark-up is the same. The difference is because one lab has completely different standards for what is a G color VS2 clarity diamond. All diamonds are not created equal and the opinions of certain labs are much different from others. And it can save you or cost you thousands of dollars, depending on what it is you want on your fiances’ finger.
Have this discussion with your jeweler of choice. Better yet have the discussion with a couple of jewelers and determine who you’d trust most to buy from. Trust is still the main ingredient when buying a diamond and spending thousands of dollars.
NOTE – Most diamonds today are not sold with certificates and this practice is certainly fine for the majority of consumers.
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