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“Have it Your Way”

Burger King has one thing right!

And that’s from their old slogan, “Have it your way.” (We don’t recommend the two chicken breasts as a bun with the hamburger in between) What we mean by “Have it your way” your diamond engagement ring (or wedding band or anniversary ring). Many jewelers want to sell you pre-fixed rings. These are the ones sitting in their cases, made up and ready to be slid on a finger from a knee position at the local fire restaurant.

When what many jewelers find that many, many times a prospective buyers want a ring a little different from what jewelers make up from display.

That’s what jewelers should do for you. Jewelers need to find out what the customer really wants and then fulfill that want with a, big customized ring.

And it’s really not hard for jewelers to do just that. You say you like the look of a certain ring mounting, but you’d like to have the center row with pink diamonds and pink sapphires. That’s a relatively easy adjustment.

If you want to replace the center round diamond with a cushion shaped diamond of similar size, it’s not hard to do. The jeweler simply needs to find you a cushion diamond you approve of and can afford and fit it into the mounting of your choice.

Now cost can be affected by any customization, but cost depends on the extent of the customization. Relatively every adjustment may not cost anything extra while serious, complicated customization could add hundreds of dollars to the finished product. But what many jewelers have found is that people today want to express their individuality and sense of style with a ring that is not decided by someone else, jeweler or designer. For that sense of uniqueness customers are willing to pay for having it their way. Here’s a few we’ve done in the past 12 months.

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