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Are Lab Grown diamonds real and why should I care?

You shouldn't care unless you are considering buying a big diamond. And people buy big diamonds all the time still.

Mostly to get engaged and if you're young or young at heart and going around for the second or third time you may be in the market for a big diamond.

We hear from young women who want to start out at 2 carats or larger. Boyfriends cringe. We hear from marrieds who never got the big diamond when first married and now after raising the kids and paying the mortgage down or off they want their just rewards. Yeah! We think you deserve a 2 or 3 carat too. Husbands hate us.

And let's not forget the women who go on to buy their own big diamond- man involved ,partner involved or not.

Until you see the prices for a 2 or 3 carat diamond.

That's when you may be interested to know if Lab grown diamonds are real or not because they can cost you much much less money. 20-50% less depending on what you are considering in quality as compared to a "mined" diamond.

So are they "real"? The answer is a lab grown diamond has the exact same properties at the atomic level as a diamond dug out of a mile deep mine in South Africa, Botswana, Australia or Canada.

Exactly the same ,just produced in a lab like so many other things in modern life.

So what's the difference? There are more than a few and here's the main ones that we talk to our customers about.

With lab grown diamonds you have more choices to get the diamond you want at a price you can feel good about. They are cheaper and that's for a few reasons but most importantly it's because they are new and trying to make inroads to the consumer's acceptance.

Many people are skeptical about buying something NEW that they don't understand. But really who understands what a mined diamond actually is either? You do a little research on the Internet ,get confused or bored conducting that research and in the end ,end up with misinformation or too little understanding to actually make a difference when you finally get to the jewelry store.

Same difference with a Lab created diamond. Mostly you want to make the recipient of the diamond ring the happiest woman on Earth. If only for a while.

And you don't want to feel like you've been "taken". Therefore every lab grown diamond sold in the World should have a clear and upfront statement to the buyer of what they are getting IN WRITING. Disclosure is key.

Yes some folks feel like they are buying "less". This pride of ownership is a real thing and if the idea of a diamond made in a Lab seems "less" to you then stay away from the product.

But understand, lab grown diamonds are NOT CZs. They are not Cubic Zirconia. They are atomically the same and frankly you can usually afford a bigger AND BETTER diamond with the same amount of money as a "mined" diamond in the traditional market.

So where are we as a diamond buying consumer group as a whole? Not even at 5% of all diamonds sold as I write this are lab grown diamonds. This is a new thing. New things take time.

Think of Internet shopping It took years from it to go from zero to $16 billion in sales at the Holidays.

Where will lab grown diamonds go from here is anybody's guess but we have them for sale after holding off offering them for several years.

Why? Because some customers do care and want them and should be served by their jeweler with this new option for beauty and affordability.

If you want a big diamond you should take action and at least see them in person and have the discussion with your jeweler. You may find out that you care as well.


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