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Brighton Factory Tour

Diane and I along with her cousin,Beverly, were given a Brighton factory tour last week near L.A.

This 750 person factory was a good testament to what a good company Brighton really is.We met with designers, all with art backgrounds and all still drawing their designs by hand and rendering sample pieces from these layered and textured drawings.They designed Pebble and Contempo most notably.We saw the belt making process and purse repair,jewelry made in the Orient(not China) being packaged,a demonstration of bead materials and designs from Swarowski and a high tech marleting dept that definitely uses computers for all the printed materials that accompany Brighton goods.

Most of all I was impressed by how much they cared about their work and loyalty to Brighton and I now know why this line is so popular all over the country.

And if you have an older Brighton handbag and it needs repaired we have a first person contact at Brighton now that will repair and re-condition your handbag at a very reasonable price.Many of the discontinued handbags and jewelry fro Brighton that is older than 10-15 years are now becoming collectible so ladies,hold on to those items and research them a little before they get donated!

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