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You have more money than you know.

Practically every household in America has at some time or another bits or piles of unwanted older jewelry that they used to wear but haven't now for some time,maybe years. When this old, unwanted jewelry is made of gold, silver and rarely platinum it is always worth real money in your pocket.

And, I have been singing this song of late far and wide in person ,in print and in social media that those old pieces of unwanted jewelry are worth more NOW, in the world,not just the USA,than 99% of every day you have been alive on this planet!

Now to qualify that statement I'm talking mostly about gold jewelry because as traded on global markets gold is near and approaching the highest value per ounce and gram than ever before in modern history.

In real terms that means what may look like inconsequential old chains or half a pair of earrings or a broken ring from your old boyfriend or girlfriend collectively may be worth hundreds of dollars simply as scrap gold jewelry.

Look the easiest way to find out if you really do have valuable jewelry that you can turn into real money is to gather it up and make no judgements about its value (you don't really know anyway) and take it to your favorite jewelry store, maybe Abby's is your choice maybe not, and find out what that jewelry store is willing to pay you on the spot.


Yes, it's true different stores may offer you different values. That's the way businesses operate ;they don't all do the same thing. But without making a first contact you'll never really know if you have a nice payday just sitting in an old jewelry box or not.

And you will be getting a free service that separates the valuables from the non-valuables .This should help to put your mind at ease over something you've probably been thinking about many times in the past.

Finally, many of us inherit jewelry ,gems coins and the like from our families as they give them to us or leave them for us after they are gone. You'll want to keep some of those items for your use or just as a family memento. But inevitably you won't want them all and these too may be assets that ,turned into money ,will allow you a chance to pay a bill, help out with college expenses or simply buy yourself a new bauble.

So do it today; declutter these old unwanted items and take them to a reputable jewelry store and find out how much money you have been ignoring.


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