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What's Old is New Again

There is certainly a good bit of truth to this adage especially when we look at fashion,

which includes diamond engagement rings and other wedding jewelry.

Across the spectrum of jeans we have to choose from today we can have bellbottoms from the 60s and 70s;straight legs, "pegged" some were called, even the ripped jeans today were a thing many years ago but those rips back then were earned, actually created by age and spending hours of play in them.

Similarly in the jewelry industry we've seen the resurgence of past styles "coming around again" (lyrics by

Carly Simon).

Ok so the young folks shopping for "new" styles or "something different" in a diamond engagement ring don't get the reference to Carly Simon. Most of them don't know who Carly Simon is, but her coming around again lyric seemed appropriate when I learned that Marquise shaped diamond engagement rings are indeed attracting new ,young buyers as well as the folks who bought them back when most people DID know who Carly Simon is.

Yes younger buyers are warming up to the "football ' shaped diamond with a point at each end just like their engaged, now long time married, parents and grandparents appreciated them 30-40 years ago.

Trends do come and go ,don't they? And many of us buy styles with a herd-like mentality, saying we want different or unique but often ,in the end buying a version of what most of our contemporaries are buying.

But with the news that Marquise shaped diamond in contemporary styled rings are making a comeback across the U.S. perhaps there is a move away from trend and more to finding just what makes a person unique and happy with a diamond they love and appreciate.

Hmmm!? If this resonates maybe young shoppers ought to take a deeper look into all that's available to them when getting engaged. A marquise diamond might just be it for the woman getting engaged and how many guys will turn away from a diamond shaped like a football?

P.S. for those of you married with a Marquise diamond ring oh so many years ago here's an idea. Now might be the time to quit feeling like your outdated ring has worn out it's welcome and should be completely replaced with a newer model and that's just fine. But you can update, repurpose ,recycle ,if you will, your old ring with a new ring style that will make your Marquise diamond please you all over again.


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