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To Fix it or Not to fix it?

Surprisingly customers who have known us for years still ask" Do you fix jewelry?"

Abby's has repaired every piece of broken jewelry ever presented to us for the past 35 years.

Often customers will tell us they have to buy a new chain or a new ring because theirs is broken. Again,we chime in with an offer to fix or replace if they really want something new. For something new the old broken piece can be converted to cash to help in paying for a new and warrantied piece of jewelry.

But everything can be repaired and restored to wearable condition and with solid pieces like rings it can be refurbished to its original condition for far less expense than replacing it. With a good jewelry insurance policy the repair costs is often covered and many policies have a zero deductible clause so the customer pays absolutely nothing to get their jewelry fixed.

So in the case of an extensive and expensive repair or refurbishing job when does it no longer make sense to pay for a repair and truly just buy a new piece to replace it?

A commonly used "rule of thumb" here is if a piece of jewelry will cost 40-50% of its total value then perhaps it is not a good expense of the customer's money...unless it was Grandma's and it holds a special place in the heart.

We respect family heirloom jewelry and the desire to keep it wearable to pass on.

The most important take away from this little message today is.... broken jewelry that you'd like to have repaired CAN BE repaired in almost every circumstance at far less cost than replacing it. Talk to your favorite jeweler, hopefully that's us, and get that jewelry you've been thinking about for a year, fixed!


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