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Hero of Christmas 2012.What’s that about?

It’s really all about her getting something she wants for Christmas and making YOU the husband,boyfriend or other significant man in her life become the Hero of Christmas 2012.

And Abby’s does it through one special night and day event,we call it Men’s Night and it will be held on Thursday,December 13 until 8pm or the last man leaves.

(Special note: Ladies if you are the one reading this blog AND you have a wish list here at Abby’s this is a great night and day event for your man to show up.Gently tell him how important this truly is.)

Gentlemen,that day especially we’ll not only help you with selecting from your lady’s wish list,so that you’re sure she’ll like what you’re buying,we’ll feed you,give you a cold beer or glass of vino and wrap each gift so that you are ready and done with this Christmas task you so often abhor.It’s quick,it’s easy and it’s just about the best no-brainer we’ve come up with in our 27 years serving the men and women of Fayette and beyond.

Okay,so you’ll only be a hero for a short while but imagine the opposite possibility if you don’t show up with that little jewelry box? Men’s Night and day,Thursday Dec. 13 at Abby’s.

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