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Blog reprinted from Gabriel & Co. : The Marry Me Kite Proposal September 20, 2015

The Marry Me Kite Proposal September 20, 2015Pop the question by taking to the skies! The world once thought flying was impossible for people and yet kites have always been there inspiring people to soar. Whether you are on a trip to a tropical island or on a drive to the nearby park, a kite is easy to pack and conceal. You can even contact some local kite flying associations if you want a fancy craft. You can also purchase one custom made for proposals from independent artist like Uplift Artisan Studios.

What if you can’t get the kite flying? Recreate the scene from Charlie Brown with the kite-eating treat and string it up in any nearby tree. It will be a hilarious and adorable way to say will you marry me! Have a back up Snoopy or Woodstock stuffed animal on hand to make it more authentic and sweet.

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